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Masai stories

Sarah Kronbach Hermanstad

May 2021

Head of Retail at Masai

Sarah is Masai’s retail manager. That means Sarah’s main responsibility is Masai’s shops, which includes the customer experience and contact for each woman entering a Masai shop. At Masai, you don’t just buy clothes, you find space to be yourself, and a vision for women that goes beyond conventions and box-ticking, and that’s what makes Sarah’s work so rewarding. Sarah’s extensive experience is very much an added bonus that also benefits colleagues and customers.

“I’ve worked with shops – that is, the retail industry – all my life, and there are three main experiences I’m very much aware of in my everyday life. The first is the gift I received when I moved to Paris and was lucky enough to work for Christian Louboutin. He taught me that a positive customer experience must be felt at all levels. Everyone deserves to be seen, and nobody should be without that. The second great realisation has been how privileged I am in my job here at Masai. You see, very little time elapses from a design idea taking shape, to put it in the hands of individual women. The third is what a gift it actually is to be with Masai. I’ve spent many years trying to fit in and be right, but it’s only now I’ve found contentment in being myself. I don’t have to conform or fit into a box here; I have breathing space to be myself, and it’s such a great feeling to have.”
Sarah Kronbach Hermanstad - Head of Retail

MASAI STORIES er portretter som omhandler kvinneliv gjennom tanker og refleksjoner fra engasjerte og lidenskapelige kvinner. Historiene handler om diversitet, åpenhet, om mot og ikke minst om friheten til å være- og velge seg selv. Gjennom møtet med forskjellige kvinner, som inspirerer oss med sine livsvalg og kreativitet, ønsker vi å skape et unikt innblikk i kvinners univers. Slik viser vi skjønnheten og styrken som oppstår når lidenskap får mulighet til å utfolde seg, og når man velger å lytte til seg selv og gjøre det man drømmer om.

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